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Man, I have to be honest.  I did not expect tot enjoy this process of rebuilding my website, but I am.  For months, I have put this off due to my fear of getting going on it, of tackling something not really inside my wheelhouse of talent.  The process has been arduous and often mind numbing, but that is due to the pushing that has occurred within me.  Sorry has been my word of the year and I have thus far failed at it mightily.  It will be based out of here.  This will be home base.  So, for now, I am sitting here up at WELD tapping this sucker out.  I often hate showing enthusiasm because it is so often coopted by fakery and flattery, a gimmick wielded to sell.  Well, tough crap.  I am straight forward and been called blunt my entire life, and I am not going to withhold my enthusiasm any longer just because others warp its use.  I am pumped about this site, about telling Hannah’s and my story.  God is doing a lot.  There are places, friends, experiences all waiting to be shared, and my ENFP self cannot wait to do so.

Nicholas Laning
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