Nate and Cait.  We loved them from the first day we sat down with them at a pub in Plano to discuss wedding photography.  I just sat there, marveling at the sparkle in their eyes when they looked at one another. They were fun, grounded, and laughed A LOT.  I still have a smile on my face as I remember it.

We had an incredible time with them as we photographed their engagements as the sun set with the Dallas skyline in the background.  They laughed and danced and kissed. A LOT. At the very end, I asked them to say a prayer for their relationship. I had tears in my eyes as I snapped the photos of them, huddled together, holding hands, eyes closed as tears ran down their own cheeks. This is what I love about them.  They have fun and laugh and obviously enjoy each other’s company, but they have a depth to their love and relationship that is so beautiful and moving to see.

Fast foward to the wedding day.  We had chills as we walked up to the gorgeous chapel that was a perfect replica of a 16th-century chapel in Tuscany, and knew it was going to be an amazing day, full of emotion.  I went with Cait to photograph her getting ready, while Nick stayed with Nate and the groomsmen.  The joy that spread over Cait’s face as those doors opened and she saw her groom waiting for her at the altar still brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.  Their wedding was beautiful and sacred.  We spent the rest of the night laughing, partying and dancing to celebrate the new journey these two began. Nate and Cait, may God bless and lead you and fill you with joy.


Nicholas Laning
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