When I returned to Northern Ireland to photograph my buddy, Richard’s, wedding I was very concerned about the weather.  The Mourn Mountains, which usually adorned the horizon from Richard’s family home in Rathfriland were hidden behind a thick haze in the air.  The wind seemingly never ceases to harass Eire, but of course, when I want to photograph a wedding, that’s the moment the wind relents.  The haze stayed all week.  I prayed that God would give us clear skies the day of the wedding.  That night, as I lay my head down to rest, the breathless air whipped up into a howling gale.  I awoke and peered out my upstairs window out to the horizon to see the Mourns for the first time since my return to Northern Ireland.  My heart was so thankful to God for such a wonderful gift.  The day was amazing.  Photographing Richard and Kim in Tullymore Forest was the highlight for me, as it is a magical place.

Nicholas Laning
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