Karsen 1

For the past three weeks the black backdrop has been set up over and over again.  Moving our furniture in our house has become completely passe at this point.   We don’t even think about it nor hesitate.  When your living room double as your studio you do what you have to do.  Everytime I do this shoot I end up tinkering with my edit of the shoot even though the lighting doesn’t change all that much.  I am still working out what exactly it is that I am wanting to do.  Do I even want it to be narrow in definition?  I think I want it to be narrow, but perhaps not singular in definition and boundary for a season.  We shall see.  For this session with Karsen I used my favorite 3D Look Up Table to get the teal orange look I enjoy.  It’s subtle, but I love the balance between the warmth and purity of her skin tone juxtaposing against the cool blue in the shadows and her hair.

Karsen photographed by Nicholas Laning, the HYLNDR of Laning Photographer.


Nicholas Laning
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