When my buddy Bradford invited Hannah and I to join him and our friend Mo to trek out to Marfa I wasn’t initially that thrilled. I heard everyone ooh and aah over Marfa for years and I just assumed they liked things I didn’t.  The thing is, my mother is from Midland.  My early formative years, the ones where my memories feel like vaseline has been smeared over the lens, were spent there.  I have this thing where I pretty much crave water, rain, and trees insatiably.  Still, I was excited to experience something new and spend time with my friends.

Looking back on that time now I am surprised by how refreshed being out in that far west Texas.  I hadn’t been there in twenty years but it felt like home in many ways, and the open skies and crisp air gave my mind and soul room to breathe.  I often get this feeling living in Dallas where I can imagine all the feelings and thoughts of the some seven million people surrounding me are all crashing in the air and the sound can be lively and fun but also cacophonous and emotionally discombobulating.

I am extremely pleased with the entire process and results of photographing this trip.  I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I do.  You are welcome to come check out prints of Marfa for sale.

Thank you and enjoy…




Nicholas Laning
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