The Brothers Martens

Nothing flatters more, nor pressures more, than having one of best photographers there is asking you to take his  and his brother’s photograph.  When Bradford asked me to photograph him and his brother Henry (who is a phenomenal wedding video producer) for some shots for their website I was elated but definitely felt my gut tighten.  All of it was perfect timing for me, because this year more than any other year as a photographer my sense of confidence is growing, that voice I have I am listening to more and less form outer voices.  When I say this, I am not talking about not learning nor thinking I have all the answers.  Only a fool believes that.  I invite criticism often and I crave it.  I need to be pushed and to learn.  All that is about what to do with that voice, how you take that and carve into meaningful images that convey your vision.  This task was exactly the challenge for me I needed and it has been a turning point for me in many ways.  It was even the beginning of my series I’ve been diving into using extensive black background as my tool for achieving what I see.  Take a gander at these below and then go take a look at my buddy Bradford and his brother, Hank’s work.  Also check out their instas @bradfordmartens or @thebrothersmartens



Nicholas Laning
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