Wade & Brittani

We met Wade on a missions trip to Tanzania.  One of my best friends, Yusuph, led a trip to a remote island on Lake Victoria, Kome (Koe-may) Island.  It was a beautiful trip, but a brutal one too.  Half of the team got sick, myself very much so included.  Wade seemed to make it through the trip unscathed.  He even waded (pun intended) into the waters of the lake to perform baptisms.  A couple days after I proposed to Hannah in the Serengeti, Wade proposed to Brittani in the Atlanta airport with great fanfare.  He had organized for his and her families to be there.  All seemed perfect, but a month later Wade became deathly sick.  After several wrong diagnoses the culprit was finally discovered to be a very powerful parasite.  So devastating was this parasite’s effect that the original diagnosis was thought to be some sort of cancer.   That turmoil became a lightning rod, a catalyst for growth for Wade and Brittani.  Over and again, their story was recounted at the wedding of how they fought there way through such a terrifying circumstance.

When Wade hired us photograph his wedding I was elated.  I love photographing weddings in Georgia.  Texas and Georgia have some commonality, but there are distinct differences.  There is a true southern and colonial charm that Georgia has.  I always delight in the hills in the pines mixing with that architecture and mood.  I mean, who is not going to be excited about photographing a wedding at a vineyard in the hills of Georgia?  I have photographed a couple there and I cannot wait until our next one.


Nicholas Laning
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