2 thoughts on “Your Cousin the “Professional”

  1. My grandfather, the professor, built his home 40 years ago. This house remains a beautiful, solid home today, and probably will for at least another 40 years. My uncle, the banker, shot my wedding with my sister-in-law, the web developer, as his second. The pictures are, bar none, the best wedding photos I have seen. When every chick with a rebel goes to school for a photography degree I think you can sometimes look at your uncle’s(who has been shooting for 30 years) portfolio and accept a beautiful gift.

    1. Hey James,
      This is very true. I appreciate your comment. I was being very broad, and perhaps I didn’t do a good enough job making sure readers understood that the primary point of this is to make people chuckle. In my seven years of doing this it has happened to me once. I have actually heard about it many times though, and usually (not always) with the same outcome of regret by the client. Your Uncle with 30 years photography experience is not some person with a rebel and one class. He could probably be a pro if he wanted. You surely don’t have to be a pro to do something well. The odds are simply higher. Again, thank you for the comment.


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